Text with Shadow

Adding shadow text is an advanced option of the online image editor. You can add a basic shadow to your font, or manage everything yourself. Manually you can control the shadow position, shadow colour and shadow blur.

Para abrir la barra de herramientas de texto, presiona el botón Texto:
Agregar Texto
El texto aparecerá después de escribir. Arrastre el texto a la posición deseada.

Shadow Toolbox

The shadow is controlled with the shadow maker tool.
When selecting the checkbox, the shadow will appear on the image. This is just a basic shadow which will be good in most circumstances.

Text Shadow Color

The colour of the shadow is controlled with the colour picker.
Here you can also set the opacity/transparency of the shadow.

Shadow Text Advanced

But sometimes you do not want the shadow to be in the lower right side. In that case you can open the advanced settings of the shadow with the 'settings' button.

Setting Shadow Position

You can reposition the shadow with the red dot in the blue square. Moving the red dot inside the blue area will also move the shadow under the text you created.
Now you can really create the exact 3D effect for the writing that you need.

Setting Shadow Blur

Setting the blur of the shadow is easy. Adjust the type of shadow in one of the following options: Sharp, Hard, Medium, Soft, Weak, Delicate.
The shadow will become less sharp with every step down.

Drop Shadow / Perspective Shadow

To create an even nicer 3D effect it is also possible to have a 'dropping' shade. A shade like the sun is high up in the sky and giving light to the text.
Set the 'Shadow Perspective' between -5 and +5 and see what happens!

*Note. After changing the perspective you should replace the shadow to the right position!

Annotation Examples

Below some annotation examples of what you can add to your photo. With drop down shadows, round text, borders, hollow letters and text. The possibilities are endless...

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