Create Online Animated Gifs

Upload your separate photos or images to create an animated gif online. You can set frame delay and transitions. With a few simple clicks you create the animation how you want it!

Open the toolbox for gif animation with the following toolbar button:
Upload below your separate frames. When all done, press Apply to create your animation.

Get Animation Started

There are two ways of uploading frames for your animation. First is by uploading your separate images, second is to use your current image inside the editor as a frame.

To upload your separate images, click on the Animation toolbar button, and upload all your single frames to your animation.

However, often it is easier to add a frame with the "Add Frame" button. This will add your current working image to the animation sequence. This is especially handy when you want to add animated text to your image.

Each time you add a frame, the frame counter will increase with one. At the moment there is a maximum of 9 separate frames per animation.

For example, the following frames will make this animated image:

Delays and Transitions

You can decide how long the image will be shown before a new image will be displayed.
Click on an image to set the delay time and transition for that image to the next image.
Delay time can be set in milliseconds. Which means that 100 milliseconds is 1 second.

You can also set a transition to the next frame. Just click the transition and later it will be used to go from the current frame to the next frame.

An example of three images with frame delays and transition:

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