Save Images Online

With the online image editor you can save your images online or download them to your local computer.

Press the "Save" button in the toolbar of the editor:

Download your image

To download your image to your local computer, you can click on the map image. A frame will open to ask if you want to download the file, or preview it. Choose download, and select your folder where you want to download it to.

Store image online

Images can be stored online at This is not a service from the online image editor, but it's a 3th party site. Online Image Editor and do not have any relation with eachother. Please check the FAQ at

Other Options

At the moment it is not yet possible to upload images directly to LinkedIn, Photobook, Facebook or other social media. I hope in the future to offer a couple of more ways to store your images online. If you can help me with functionality like that, please send me a mail.

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