Create Round Corners and Round Edges

Simply add round corners to your images. You can also have coloured round edges for your photos, with the colour you like best.

To create round corners or have a round edge for your image, press the "Round Corners" button:
Round Corners
Choose the radius, thickness and color. Press apply afterwards.

Create Round Edges

Round edges are easy to make at the online image editor. After opening the round corners toolbox(1), you can see the options to make round corners.

With the Radius you can set size of the border. The bigger the radius, the larger the corners will be.

With the Borderwidth you can determine the thickness of the line which creates the edge.

Create round corners

If you don't want to have an extra coloured edge, set the Borderwidth to zero.

You can add several times the round edges to your image. By varying the Radius and Borderwidth, you can get the following result:

Overview of round edges and corners

Original Image
Format: PNG

Border Rounded
Width: 0
Radius: 30

Border Rounded
Width: 5
Color: Blue
Radius: 30

Notice the transparent
corner edge with
transparent images

Notice the "smooth" edges when rounding images.

Because PNG supports semi-transparent pixels, the result is that corners are not carved like with GIF, but they are nicely smooth. Use the PNG format BEFORE applying a rounded border.

When displaying PNG images with transparency, Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6 have problems with that. As not showing the transparency, but black instead. This is a bug in IE and will be solved in IE 7.. .

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