Add Animated Rain

Add a beautiful animated rain effect onto your photos. Realistic looking Pouring Rain or just a light summer sprinkle with a few raindrops!

To add animated rain to your picture or photo choose the "Rain" button in the toolbar.

Rain Menu

You can just use the 'default' settings of the menu, however, you can also create the exact rain effect what you want.
You can adjust the following settings: Rain Intensity, Rain Length, Rain Visibility and Rain width!


Rain Intensity

With the rain Intensity you can choose how much rain you want to appear on your image. From 'Sprinkle' (very light rain) to "Pouring Shower" (Heavy Rain).

SprinklePouring Rain

Rain Length

With the Rain length you can set the length for 'an average drop' of rain. Do you want 'small' drop, or very tall ones?

Short DropsVery Long Drops

Rain Visibility

With the Visibility option you can choose how 'transparent' the rain should be. Simple said, the higher the value, the more white the rain will look.

Weak VisibilityStrong Visibility

Rain Width

Changing the rain width creates a whole different image then the one before. From a slim rain to fat rain! Combined with the Rain Visibility this creates a powerfull tool!

Thin DropsMedium Width DropsFat Rain Drops

Rotating Rain

With the rotate slider, you can adjust the direction of the falling rain. Do you want to have the rain come from above, the left or the right?

Rain from North-EastRain From West

Mixing Rain

It is also possible to add multiple times rain to your image. Just set some different settings and re-apply them to you image. You can have small drops comming from the left and long drops comming from the right, creating a nice tornado rain ;)

Animated Snow

With a bit of imagination you can even create some animated snowstorm :)


There are 144 combinations possible. If you include the rotation, then you have 23040 combinations. So be creative and make the rain that fitts your image!

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