Add Picture Frames and Photo Borders

Put your image in a nice photoframe and print it. Without knowledge of photoshop you can add beautiful picture frames around your favorite photos.

To open the picture frames tool, click the following button in the toolbar:
Photo Border
Select a frame and drag the image to a desired position.

Selecting a Frame

By clicking on one of the frames(1) in the toolbox, the frame will be shown in the editor area(2).

You will notice that below the frames in the toolbox, two sliders will appear(3). With these sliders you can enlarge or shrink the chosen photoborder or to change the size of your image. The upper slider will change the size of your image, while the lower slider will change the size of the photoframe.

You can drag your image around in the editor area, to give it the right position in the frame.

When satisfied, don't forget to press the "Apply" button!

More photoborders


If you have some nice photoframes which you want to have added to this tool.
Please mail them to me, and i will add them!

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