Add Passe-Partout/Vignetting

Don't you also love those old images with black edges? They are called 'vignette' or 'passe-partouts'. Add them to your photo in seconds here at the online image editor.

Passe-partout toolbar can be started with toolbar button:
Press on a passe-partout below, and choose a colour.

Passe-partout/Vignetting Tools

Passe-partout, also called Vignetting, is done at the online-image-editor by selecting an edge in the passe-partout tool.

Just click one of the available passe-partouts(1) and it will appear on your image in the right dimensions.
To change the color of the text, click in the coloured box(2).

A colour picker will appear where you can select a colour. When selecting a colour, the preview passe-partout will change immediately. To close the colour picker, press the red cross on the lower right corner(3).

When you chosen your passe-partout and the right colour click the "Apply" button(4) to save your changes.

If you have more ideas for this passe-partout tool, please e-mail me and i'll try to add it.
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