Create Glitter Text

Add glitter text to your photos and images. Sparkling text with outline glitters or only an outline with glitters. It will bring your images to life.

To open the glitter text toolbar, press the glitter text button.
Glitter Text

Add Simple Glitter Text

When clicking on a glitter tile you can change the glitter for the text or for the outline.
Simply write your words and place the glitter text where you want it. After that press Apply!

Glitter Text with Glitter Outline

If you also want to have an outline around your glitter text, take care you set the Strokewidth.
A larger strokewidth will give you a wider outline!

Glitter Outlined Text

If you only want to have the outline glitter, then select the 'hide' option below the Text Glitter
The inner text will disappear and you will end up with a nice outlined glitter.

Round Glitter Text

Just like with the normal text tool, you can create a glittertext with an arc or circle.
Use the Arc and Flip option to create the perfect rounding for your glittertext.

Glittertext examples

Below just a couple of examples of what you can make.
Use this tool wisely as it is a powerful tool to catch peoples attention on your photo's and images!

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