Animated Gif Optimization

Reduce the size of an animated gif by reducing the colors. Split your animation into separate frames or make it run faster.

To get all of these options, press the following button in the menu bar:

Reduce animated gif size

By reducing the amount of colours in your animated gif, it is possible to reduce the file size.

Your animation will load faster on websites or you can finally upload your image on forums where they have size restrictions. Most of the time it will be hardly noticeable that your images uses less colors.

Normally each frame of a gif image has it's own colour palette of 256 colours. First thing which happens when reducing your gif is to make make this palette global to your gif. Which means that not every frame will have it's own color palette, but there is only one palette for the whole image. After that is it possible to shrink the animated gif even more, by using less colours then 256. See below examples.

Original Image
Size: 20,6 kB

Reduced colours to 20
Size: 4.8 kB (-77%)      

      Reduced colours to 15
Size: 4.2 kB (-80%)

Another option of reducing the image size is to make an animated gif grayscale, and then reduce colours:

Original Image
Size: 1.39 MB

Reduced colours
Size: 913 kB (-34%)

Made black and white
Size: 570 kB (-58%)

Split into Frames

If you want a separate image from an animated gif, or you want to re-arrange an animated gif, you can do so by first splitting it to loose frames.


Speed up Animation

Sometimes there are large animated gif's which play slow because of the many large frames. You can let the animation run faster by removing every second frame.

Not only will your animated gif play faster, it will also be reduced in filesize!


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