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How to Cut out shape from image

Quick Steps to cut a shape from an image

  1. Upload your image on the Online Image Editor
  2. Choose the Cut Shapes button in the toolbar.
  3. Select the shape which you want to use for your image
  4. Resize the image or the overlay shape with the sliders to fit your needs.
  5. Set border blurring for edge fading effect.
  6. Click Apply and download your shaped image!
Cut out heart from flowers image
Done! One Moment...
Error! . Try again!

Activate Cut Out tool

Use a predifined stamp to make a shape from your image and to add a fuzzy border around your image.

To open the 'cut-out' tool, press the following button in the toolbar
Cutout tool button
Schnitt formen
Ausschneiden einer Form und Auswahl des Schleiers. (Schleier funktioniert nicht bei animierten Bildern).

Trim or cut out Image

In the toolbox you can now select the shape you want your image to have. Among the available cut out shapes are heart, stamp, butterfly, clover, round circle, oval and many more.

Cutout tool editor

After selecting a shape, slidebars will appear to resize your image, or resize the shape.
Below the resize bars, there is also an option to give the edge of the shape a blur.
Now you can press the Apply button and download your image!

Cut outs with transparent background

Result image heart transparent
(the background is transparent!)

Running dog round shape

Happy dog cut out with a round border and transparent background.

Animated gif cut out

Animated gif cut out in shape of a star.

Sun shaped cut out painting

Colorful painting cut out in the shape of the sun.

You can play around with the fuzz factor to see a blurry edge with the image.
*Note that with animated gifs the background will be transparent, but you can not have a blurry/shady edge!.