Crop/Cut Image

Cut or Crop your animated gif, photo or image here at the online image editor. Animated images will stay animated after cropping!

For cropping images, or to cut/crop an animated gif, press the "Crop" button in the toolbar.
Drag the red box inside the image or change values below.

Crop Tools

When selecting the crop tool, a red box will appear on your image(1). With the red box you can select the area you want to cut.

The red box you can drag around your image(2) by clicking and holding down your left mouse button, while moving the mouse. When you put your cursor on the edge or corner of the red box you can resize the box to make it smaller or larger by clicking and holding down the left mouse button while moving the mouse(3).

If you are on a mobile phone, there is a possibility that you can't drag the red square. For this situation you can use the text fields to make the redbox smaller/bigger and to give it a position.

When done, always press "Apply"!
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