Online-Image-Editor Hints and Tips

With the current release of the OIE ( Online-Image-Editor) it is possible to cut, crop and annotate images.

And don't think these functions can only be used with 'static' images like jpeg, bmp or png. The functions can also be used on animated gifs!

Here you can find tips for keeping you pictures as optimal as possible.


When resizing it is always best to keep the "Aspect Ratio" option ON.

constrain proportions

In that way you constrain proportions, and you don't get a funny 'compressed' looking picture afterwards.

If you want to give your picture a different size, it is better to first crop to the correct constrains and then resize it.

Image Formats

To keep a long story short:
- JPEG/JPG: Use this with pictures and images with true type colors like photographs. (Mostly text on image looks ugly)
- GIF: Use for animated pictures, and pictures with a lot of sharp edges. (With text on it)
- BMP: Good for local use on your own computer, but not suitable for use on internet.
- PNG: Preferred format for not animated pictures. Even for photographs. This is probably also the best format for showing your pictures on the internet.

* PNG and Internet Explorer Transparency Bug.
Under Internet Explorer lower then version 7 there is a problem with displaying transparent PNG's.
This can be easily solved to add a '.js' file in your header section of your page.

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