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1.Convert Image Format
Convert gif, bmp, png, jpg/jpeg images to a different format to make images smaller size for faster loading or to make them better editable.

2.Help Resize image
For resizing images, or to resize an animated gif, press the "Resize" button.

3.Crop/Cut Image
For cropping images, or to cut/crop an animated gif, press the "Crop" button in the toolbar.

4.Animated Gif Optimization
Reduce the size of an animated gif by reducing the colors. Split your animation into seperate frames or make it run faster.

5.Add text to an image or animated GIF
To open the Text Toolbar, press the Text Button:

6.Text with Shadow
Add a text with shadowing to your photo of image. Perspective shadows, coloured shadows and outlined shadows.

7.Rotate/Flip an Image
To rotate/mirror an animated gif, or to rotate/mirror a normal image, press the "Rotate Flip" button.

8.Change Image Colors
Make your image black and white, sephia, normalise or sharpen your photo. With a few simple clicks you can enhance your image in no time...

9.Create Border around image
To open the Border tools, click on the "Add Border" button:

10.Add Passe-Partout/Vignetting
Passe-partout toolbar can be started with toolbar button:

11.Add Picture Frames and Photo Borders
To open the picture frames tool, click the following button in the toolbar:

12.Create Round Corners and Round Edges
To create round corners or have a round edge for your image, press the "Round Corners" button:

13.Create blinkie signature
Click on the following button in the toolbar to open the toolbox for animated blinkies:

14.Animated Floaties
Bring your images alive with animated floaties. Cover your image with floating hearts, falling snow or even airballoons. Add predefined floaties to your image.

15.Help Add Glitters
Here it is possible to create your own gif with glitter animation.


17.Help Create Animated Twinkle Stars
The free online image editor has another unique feature, nowhere found on the internet!

18.Overlay or Merge Images
Put an animated gif on top of a normal image, or just add two images together. Even with transparency and opacity.

19.Help Add/Remove Transparency
For adding or removing transparency to an image, press the Transparency button in the toolbar:

20.Create Online Animated Gifs
Upload your seperate photos or images to create an animated gif online. You can set frame delay and transitions. With a few simple clicks you create the animation how you want it!

21.Image Canvas Creation
Make a clean canvas to add your text or animations on. Full colour, gradient and Plasma effects are available.

22.Add Flags
Add a scrolling flag to your image. Scroll from left/right, top/bottom or vice versa. It's all possible at the online image editor.

23.Add Animated Rain
Add a beautiful animated rain effect onto your photos. Realistic looking Pouring Rain or just a light summer sprinkle with a few raindrops!

24.Save Images Online
With the online image editor you can save your images online or download them to your local computer.

25.Examples Page
Below are some nice examples which were created with the Free Online Image Editor.

26.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Find frequently asked questions here

27.Online-Image-Editor Hints and Tips
With the current release of the OIE ( Online-Image-Editor) it is possible to cut, crop and annotate images.

28.Link page
Page for links to other websites.

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