Help Add/Remove Transparency

In a few simple steps, make a transparent background, a transparent line or a transparent area in your image. Adding transparency has never been this easy.

For adding or removing transparency to an image, press the Transparency button in the toolbar::
Add or remove transparency

Make background transparent

To make part a of an image transparent, select the option box below "Select Transparent Area:" (1). Now you can click inside your image(2).

The colour that you clicked on, will turn transparent (3).

Draw transparent line

New at the online image editor is to "draw" transparent lines on your image. This can be handy if you want to remove 'tags' from images which some websites automatically add. To draw a transparent line, click on the option "Draw transparent line" (4).

After that, you can "draw" on your image with a red line(5). Everything you draw with this red line will become transparent afterwards.

Removing Transparency

To remove transparency from an image, click on the option "Remove Transparency". Here you can select a colour that you want the transparency be replaced with(7)

The transparent part will be replaced by the chosen colour after you press the diamond with the red cross through it(8):

Remove background from an animated gif

To remove the background from an animated gif is as simple with the online image editor. Just follow the steps as described above here for adding transparency to an image and you will succeed.


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